The world we live in - and Sinterklaas.


The world we live in has changed. It is a world of perpetual war. We see it every day in the day in the news. People are dying and suffering every where. And they want to come to Europe. And drown off the coast of Spain and Italy. There is a war in the Ukraine, Syria and Palestine. And we are involved. It is a terrible mess.

But once a year an event takes place that makes us forget all of this,. A mystical figure from Spain arrives: Sinterklaas! A Dutch tradition where children and parents celebrate a holyman on his white horse. Traditions give us a sense of stability and security in this crazy, messed up world.

But there is one problem: Sinterklaas also has an army of helpers. The Zwarte Pieten - or Black Petes. Now the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas is under threat: Zwarte Piet is considered racist. Zwarte Piet must go.

How will this Dutch tradition survive these changes in world full of uncertainty and upheaval?

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