The Dutch State Council deliberates on the appeal of the Amsterdam mayor Eberhard on Zwarte Piet


The hearing was crowded, outside police kept an eye on the right-wing group 'Voorpost' which brought along a couple of Zwarte Piets and a Sinterklaas.

On November 12 a ruling is expected which will influence the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas in a major way, should the council uphold the previous ruling that Zwarte Piet is a negative stereotype.

As a consequence the figure of Zwarte Piet as he is known today may even go 'underground' should the previous ruling be confirmed, said Marc Gilling of the Pietengilde in a phone call with us.

The Pietengilde participates in the appeal but also is trying hard to keep the dialogue open with groups opposing Zwarte Piet. For the Pietengilde dialogue is the only reasonable way forward to find a way how to celebrate Sinterklaas together.



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